ID Chair

ID Concept

The ID Chair Concept offers countless customisation options to suit individual users. Different variations of the FlowMotion mechanism, a selection of backrests, armrests, seats and bases, along with a broad array of colours and fabrics, enable every user and company to find the perfect ID Chair – whether for an open-plan setting, individual or team offices, conference areas or management offices. Despite the many possible variations, it always remains essentially the same chair in look and construction – with benefits for companies in terms of aesthetics, maintenance and service. 

A study by the Institute for Biomechanics at ETH Zurich – one of the most renowned universities worldwide – showed that the ID Chair's scope of movement is fully utilised. EMG measurements (electromyography) confirmed that intuitive use of the weight-dependent forward tilt mechanism activates core muscles in the abdomen and back. This boosts the metabolism and stabilises the lumbar column. MRI/MRT measurements (magnetic resonance imaging) proved that the forward tilt function triggers movement in all segments of the lower spine. This relieves pressure and enhances the diffusion of nutrients to the intervertebral discs. These dynamic sitting features actively prevent health problems. 

The soft seat and supportive backrest ensure great comfort. With optional Clima Seat fleece integrated in the seat, pleasant thermal conditions are maintained for up to eight times longer than with conventional seat surfaces. 



ID Air

The one-piece plastic backrest of the ID Air office chair is an innovative construction manufactured in a patented process. With the strategically placed perforations in its backrest, ID Air offers great freedom of movement while providing the necessary support for healthy sitting postures. The flexibility of the backrest and the effective air circulation are complemented by soft seat upholstery to ensure a high degree of comfort.


ID Mesh

The ID Mesh office chair embodies technical transparency and lightness: fitted over a slender frame, the innovative spacer fabric has the translucent airiness of a net – yet it's as soft as a slim cushion. The Diamond Mesh cover allows air to circulate and offers sustained comfort even in warmer temperatures. ID Mesh can be optionally outfitted with a clothes hanger or headrest.


ID Trim

With its compact padding, the backrest of the ID Trim office chair conveys a sense of classic elegance and quality craftsmanship. The sandwich construction with integrated lumbar support provides the comfort of an upholstered backrest while being almost as slim as a mesh backrest – offering an alternative to both of these construction types for office chair backrests. With its high backrest, ID Trim L is an excellent choice for the executive office, offering extra relief from tension in the head and neck.


ID Trim L

Countless customisation options. Simple service and maintenance. Ergonomic features tested by ETH Zurich. This is the ID Chair in a nutshell.


ID Soft

Countless customisation options. Simple service and maintenance. Ergonomic features tested by ETH Zurich. This is the ID Chair in a nutshell.


ID Soft L


The high backrest of ID Soft L comes with padded upholstery for excellent comfort. Although the chair exudes elegant sophistication, its sleek lines and minimal design also lend it an understated character. ID Soft L can be harmoniously combined with other chairs and is a perfect addition to many different settings.

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